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as an intelligent information security partner, specialist in cyber security having the ability to protect the digital economy through technology and expertise by protecting governments, organizations, and infrastructure from cyber threats.

About Us

Who we are?

We are a team of certified professionals based in India, with a large spectrum of expertise in cyber security. We deliver reliable cyber security solutions and services that meet the highest requirements and protect you against cyber threats.

We provide a global cyber defense approach that dynamically aims to protect, detect and respond to cyber threats with a portfolio including managed security services, industrial control system offerings, encryption, key management, and consultancy services.

We innovate with products and people-centric services that support and secure our customers’ assets, regularly. Our solutions and services are constantly developing but it’s our team that gives us the edge. With a highly experienced and motivated staff that we are continuously growing.

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Our Goal

Our Goal

Protect our customers and support their business needs with cyber security solutions and services.


What we do?

What we do?

We partner with you to assess the security level of your application and infrastructure to increase awareness of cyber security challenges within your organization.

We promptly assess and detect invasions to protect your networks, data and endpoints, as well as help you to respond to emergency situations and provide a total, proactive approach to cyber security. Using dynamic and agile structures, we empower you with the unique solutions and services you need to face the constantly evolving cyber threats..

As a cyber-security partner, we are a key player in several national and international research and course content development programs with universities, COE – cyber security government of Karnataka and businesses for cyber security awareness training programs..

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