Virtual CISO

A vCISO (Virtual CISO) or on-demand CISO is an outsourced security advisor whose responsibilities vary depending upon your business needs. A virtual CISO can be a cost-effective approach to having the access your company needs to high-end cybersecurity professionals.

We, as a digital transformation and infrastructure security company, introduces its Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) as a service. With our vCISO program, you will have access to a pool of seasoned cybersecurity practitioner who will fill the role of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in your organization and business. With the help of this program, your organization will be equipped with the leadership and skill of a CISO who will define the vision, strategy and cybersecurity program to ensure your organization’s information assets and technology protection.

Why us?

While it’s not always cost-effective to hire a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to lead risk management and information assurance programs, our advisors can deliver much of the same services at a fraction of the investment you would pay for a full-time executive hire. Reduce your risk profile with hands-on vCISO support from a dedicated advisor who already understands the business environment. We’re entrepreneurial, wear multiple hats like you do, and can protect your organization with the right strategic and operational vision. Team up with a proactive, self-driven virtual CISO—delivering the adaptability you need to meet the demands of external influences such as customer requests, audit requirements, and rising threats.

Virtual CISO Service Benefits

Transform your security profile under our convenient and cost-efficient vCISO support model that integrates seamlessly as an extension to your team. And while the substantial cost reduction in the virtual CISO model is most attractive, vCISO benefits are even further reaching to provide a distinct advantage over both executive hire and collaboration with a solo security consultant.

Choosing CyberPact Solutions’ vCISO plan and delivers the strength in our combined team knowledge paired with the personal attention of a dedicated vCISO bringing experience and industry expertise into your organisation.  We offer executive-level strategy, security planning, risk management and the scalability you need to ebb and flow with changing business demands. Trust our vCISO services to deliver the insight and benchmarking only attainable from a company that works confidentially alongside others in your industry along with leading, established corporations.

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